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    The reversible phosphorylation of proteins controls almost all cellular functions, whereas the dysregulation of phosphorylation is known to be linked with human diseases. In eukaryotes, phosphorylation-dependent signaling networks are, to a large extent, determined by the combinatorial actions of protein kinases, protein phosphatases and proteins containing phosphoprotein-binding domains (PPBDs). Here, we presented the database iEKPD (integrated annotations for Eukaryotic protein Kinases, protein Phosphatases & phosphoprotein-binding Domains, ver 2.0), which contained 197,348 phosphorylation regulators, including 109,912 protein kinases, 23,294 protein phosphatases and 68,748 PPBD-containing proteins in 164 eukaryotic species. We provided rich annotations for the regulators of eight model organisms, especially humans, by compiling and integrating the knowledge from 100 widely used public databases that cover 13 aspects, including cancer mutations, genetic variations, disease-associated information, mRNA expression, DNA & RNA elements, DNA methylation, molecular interactions, drug-target relations, protein 3D structures, post-translational modifications, protein expressions/proteomics, subcellular localizations and protein functional annotations. The online service of iEKPD was implemented in PHP + MySQL + JavaScript. Here we confirm that iEKPD will be continuously maintained and updated, whereas all data sets and annotations are freely accessed for all users.

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EKPD: a hierarchical database of eukaryotic protein kinases and protein phosphatases
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iEKPD: an integrated database of eukaryotic protein kinases and protein phosphatases
Yaping Guo, Di Peng, Jiaqi Zhou, Shaofeng Lin, Chenwei Wang, Wangshan Ning, Haodong Xu, Wankun Deng and Yu Xue. Nucleic Acids Research. (8 January 2019) 47 (D1): D344-D350. doi: 10.1093/nar/gky1063
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