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    iEKPD is a comprehensive database of integrated annotations for Eukaryotics protein Kinases, protein Phosphatases & phosphoprotein-binding Domains in 164 eukaryotic species including 74 animals (Ensembl), 47 plants (EnsemblPlants) and 43 fungi (EnsemblFungi). We classified all protein kinases, protein phosphatases and PPBD-containing proteins into 151 families, 36 families and 21 families, respectively.
    Here we provide two approaches for users to browse the database: (i) By species; (ii) By classifications. Species browse allows users to select an interesting animal, plant or fungus, and the classification information of this species will be presented after clicking the link. When browsed by the classification, users can choose a specific group and get the family information in all species. The annotation information of each protein will be presented in the final webpage.

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